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Fast Feeds

Yupdates is an everything-reader focused on triage, productivity, and automation.
Drastically simplify your email, RSS, GitHub notifications, and bookmarks.
All from a lightning-fast interface.


Yupdates is like an email client or RSS reader, but we gather content from many more input sources.


Choose from millions of feeds. We help you find good ones.


Track issues, PRs, releases, and notifications. Zero in on what matters, or separate projects by context. Add filters to only get events for the areas you're interested in or responsible for.


Create a unique email address for any feed. Anything you send becomes an item in that feed, allowing you to filter, save, search, tag, or take action as needed. Great for email newsletters.

We're just getting started.

We also support Pinboard, ConvertKit, API events, and more. We're focused on adding new options and making them all smarter.

"This is what I've been looking for ever since Google Reader went away, except I think Yupdates has more power and more potential."

- Jeff Hoffman, VP of Engineering

"Yupdates allows me to find the information I want, both in industry and entertainment, without spending endless hours sifting through Reddit or scrolling social media."

- John Bresnahan, Principal Software Developer

"This is shaping up to be everything I ever wanted over the years from things like procmail, RSS readers, Outlook inbox rules, trn/strn, IFTTT, and Zapier."

- David Mortman, SVP, Cloud Security

"A few simple rules have dramatically reduced the time I used to spend trawling the web. Less time searching means more time acting."

- Josh Houston, Software Development Manager

You're in control

Intaking items from many sources is good, but with too much coming in, your signal-to-noise ratio can suffer.


Add filters to any input, including or excluding items based on keyword matches or regular expressions. And up to 10 can be run in a sequence, making it easy to zero in on what you care about.


We cut through the noise with transformations like link extraction and textification, and you can smartly combine these with filters.

Take action

Most products dump everything in your lap or blindly funnel it elsewhere. But different things need different approaches - and context matters. Some things need regular attention and triage. Other things we want to browse occasionally. And then there are things we do actually want to automate.

Inline actions

Configure each feed with a unique set of actions that appear inline with every item. Save, tag, make a note, send yourself an email, or trigger other systems. No algorithm will correctly determine if you want to read a post, what tags apply, or if something is relevant to your projects.


Decided you want something to happen for all items coming into the feed? Set up each feed with ongoing, automated actions. For example, configure every new item in a feed to be given particular tags and then get consolidated email updates on a regular basis.

Read, tag, annotate


You can read all content in the app. It's HTML, text, and JSON-focused and handles well-known formats like podcasts. We do not store a copy of images or PDFs, but if they're still online, they'll be shown.

Bookmarking and tagging

If you save or tag anything, the content will be stored in your personal database, independently of the feed. Organize with tags or throw it all in there to access later. And you can auto-save and auto-tag items if that's useful for particular feeds.


You can add notes to anything you save or tag. Notes are stored alongside your saved items, and they're indexed by the search engine, too.


Anything you save or tag is archived and searchable for the life of your account.

Full-text search

You can run a quick keyword search through all your saved content or notes.

Advanced search

If you are getting too many search results, you can restrict the search by tag, the date it was published or saved, or focus on the item's title or content only.

Save time

Scan what you care about in one place. Fast triage lets you cut through the noise, take action sooner, and spend your time how you want.

Take control

Read and discover things you're actually interested in, not what generates clicks, controversy, and ad revenue.

Track specifics

Filter content to find mentions of your company, projects, and favorite topics. Be the first to know.

Choose what notifies you

You decide what's most important. Let the rest wait in the app for later.

React and share

Save, tag, or share with one click using our unique action system.

Automate (or not)

Automatically save, tag, or send elsewhere when it makes sense. Other things need triage, and you decide what's best.

Stay in the flow

Browsing is fast and consistent - we're obsessed with this!

Protect your privacy

Ad-free, no tracking, and not a social network.

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